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In addition to 20 years of Real Estate knowledge in the State of Florida, FMR has over 10 years of experience in the Military Relocation Process. Contact us today to find your new home in Florida!

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Harrison Casagrande Florida Military Realtor

Harrison Casagrande has served over 10 years of duty in the United States Coast Guard. During his time in service, he was stationed on two Coast Guard Cutters and a Deployable Maritime Safety and Security unit. He has deployed on many missions across the world including Counter-Narcotics deployments throughout the Caribbean, response to Hurricane Relief for Hurricane Sandy in New York City, and multiple deployments across the U.S. for Safety and Security of Pope Francis in 2015, as well as former Presidents Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.

Following a lucrative career in the Coast Guard, Harrison pursued a profession in Real Estate and Property Management. After quickly learning and being successful at his new craft, he identified the need for trustworthy and knowledgeable Real Estate agents that can properly represent the men and women he served with in the Military. He made it his lifetime goal to assist every and all service members who are looking to rent, buy or sell their home in the State of Florida.

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