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How Can FMR Help?

FMR is here to help with not only buying or renting a new place but also selling and property management if you need help with existing property.

Buying or Renting

Whether it is the best option for you to either buy or rent, FMR can provide great comparisons in supporting the best decision for you and your family. When finding your next home, we understand that locating the best property in the best location is crucial. Along with location, finding a home in close proximity to the best schools, hospitals and your unit are also extremely imperative. FMR can help seamlessly integrate you and your family in a new community by providing local knowledge and making you feel right at home.

Selling or Renting Out

Are you transferring out of Florida? FMR can also help you make the decision on whether it’s in your best interest to either sell or rent your home. At FMR, you can trust that we will take away the burden and frustrations of selling your home. We understand that military members are limited in time, let us remove the difficult in tactfully finding a buyer that will give you the best value of your home. Regardless if you and your family decide to keep the home, FMR has the capability to professionally rent your home without having the difficulty of finding reliable and truth worthy tenants.

We Make Sure Your New Home Ticks All The Boxes

Florida, especially South Florida, has a huge Military community with no prominent Real Estate companies dedicated to assisting them. FMR will help Military members who are getting transferred to Florida use their Military benefits to purchase homes. FMR will be able to help transferring members find where the nearest schools, churches, bases, transportation, etc. are located and where the most fitting community will be for them and their families.

Affordable Homes

Find Your New Home in Florida!

Guided Experience

Over 20 years of real estate knowledge!

VA Knowledge

We are the VA loan experts!

Total Support​

From picking you up from the airport to finding local schools.

Harrison Casagrande Florida Military Realtor

Harrison Casagrande has served over 10 years of duty in the United States Coast Guard. During his time in service, he was stationed on two Coast Guard Cutters and a Deployable Maritime Safety and Security unit. He has deployed on many missions across the world including Counter-Narcotics deployments throughout the Caribbean, response to Hurricane Relief for Hurricane Sandy in New York City, and multiple deployments across the U.S. for Safety and Security of Pope Francis in 2015, as well as former Presidents Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.

Following a lucrative career in the Coast Guard, Harrison pursued a profession in Real Estate and Property Management. After quickly learning and being successful at his new craft, he identified the need for trustworthy and knowledgeable Real Estate agents that can properly represent the men and women he served with in the Military. He made it his lifetime goal to assist every and all service members who are looking to rent, buy or sell their home in the State of Florida.

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